Two things about this song: I lifted the chord progression from a Phish “Dowm With Desease” jam I saw in Colorado in 2015, and the walking each other home is from the Ram Dass quote “we’re all just walking each other home”

I’m having powerful emotional experiences making all this music every day, man. It’s such a good feeling

Take a Look at yourself
Look at me
Look at the sky
Look at the sea
All you've been shown
Everything youve known
Everywhere youve been
All the ways that you've grown

Flesh and bone

My heart is made of glass
But my face is made of stone
It's us, it's me, it's them
When we walk each other home friend

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Let Me Believe (song)

This fell out of me this morning and it felt pretty powerful

“It’s when you were meets who you are
It’s all the burning dust that makes a star
We are a body, a personality and soul
Every day we are finding out that we’ve never had control
So, let me go and let me breathe
Let me hold your hand until you leave
Let me dance and let me sing
Let me believe
Beyond the the things I’ve heard and what I’ve seen “

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There’s something wrong

There’s something right

The in between

So make a sound

Make a fire and make a scene

You let the people watch

You let them in your thoughts

You let them in your dreams

In the pathways of your mind

Everything you lost and what you’ll find

Everything you see when you go blind

I saw the door I turned the key I stepped inside

I lost my way I l0st myself I lost my mind

And when you find me

You were always right behind me

The morning creeps right in

The sunlight blinds me.

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