A Political Post

Ev R0ck
4 min readDec 6, 2023

I wasnt going to type 3 posts today but i just had a conversation that really made me think about a lot of things. i’ll also say that chatgpt refuses to assist with the editing of this post, so it’s going to look a little rough.

I know someone, in my life, now, that i respect a great deal who told me that they hide their racial/national identity because they are afraid for their safety if they were to let it be known publicly. think about that for a second. think about it the next time we sit around and appreciate how far civil rights has come, and how we are such a wonderful free nation for everyone.

I am so hurt for this person. I can not personally relate, though, there are whole holidays for the countries that my ancestors come from, and parades, but there wasn’t always. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have to hide where your people are from, I am so pissed to have learned this.

there is so much being revealed about the way things actually work over the past few years, with the pandemic, and now the situation in Gaza. things are so much more fucked up than I thought they were. I'm thinking about how unpopular Israel's actions are with the American general public, and yet our elected officials continue to support it. what is the point of electing people in a democracy if not for them to act in accordance with the will of those who elected them?

hey, we wanted loan forgiveness and all we got was this shitty genocide, bought and paid for by our tax dollars. what a fucking sham. there is no American democracy, it’s 100% a farce that exists to protect the interests of the wealthy capitalists. they don’t even hide it.

I don’t know why we aren't doing something about it, and I'm not talking about petitions, votes and protests. heads need to roll. right now, there is world record wealth inequality, and I'm not a history buff, but I do believe that violent revolutions were started over less. we, the working class are disposable to these powerful wealthy corporations, and they underpay us while driving up the prices of the things we literally need to live. you are probably being exploited right now, somehow. when you wake up tomorrow and amazon charged you 14.95 because of something you don't remember. but it’s ok, right? you’re being exploited when your rent goes up 200$ and there's no one to say a word to about it, that’s just how it is. you’re being exploited when your two jobs just about cover rent, and the groceries, and the various things you subscribe to, that help you cope with the late capitalist nightmare we inhabit every day.

not only are we being exploited, we are being manipulated all of the time. we are being divided over things like pronouns and bud light cans, put into separate camps so that we never come around to the fact that we all have the same interests, and there a whole lot more of us then there are them. by the way, someone’s gender is whatever they say it is, and bud light is garbage no matter if you are he/him, she/her or it/them.

I'm old enough to remember the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, even at age 14 I was skeptical. I’m getting very “saddam weapons of mass destruction” vibes from the media that manipulates us to support Israel. i read that 1 million Iraqis were killed on the neo-con, dick cheney farce “Iraqi freedom”. yeah, no one thinks saddamn hussein was a great guy, but look at the power vacuum. if I'm Iraqi, and American bombs killed everyone i love, i’m joining ISIS. if i was forced from my home, to a refugee camp where my mother, father, brother and sister were killed by American munitions, via Israel, what do you think I'm going to do? write a firm condemnation letter to joe Biden? fuck no, there’s going to be some violence.

of course I condemn terrorism, of course I do . you act like there’s no reason for these organizations to exist, though. you cant be the only one in the global community that’s allowed to commit unspeakable violent atrocities, and expect that everyone is going to go along with it peacefully.

i always think of something George Carlin said, and he was talking about who gets to decide what is labelled a terrorist, and who is a freedom fighter. it’s a good question to ask right now when we talk about Hamas.

this country isn't a sovereign nation because we talked it with the English out and spilled some tea. our forefathers were anti colonial guerilla terrorist's of their time. they conducted themselves as such. it’s not called the American friendly chat with the king. it’s the American revolution, it’s the revolutionary WAR.

how can you not draw a parellel to other colonized populations? how is it only permissible for Americans to be against a colonial occupation when it was 300 years ago. is it because they were white?