Ev R0ck
2 min readFeb 3, 2024


Beyond Grippy Hospital socks

There must be some reason that I’m kept alive through all of the behaviors that would put anyone else in the ground. For instance on Thursday I sold all of my Adderall in order to have the money to get enough Street dope and Xanax to check me out of this fucking hotel California(I hate the Eagles man, but I heard that song was about purgatory or something). .

Next thing I know I wake up in the Intensive Care Unit of Lenox Hill Hospital of all places pissed off as all hell. At least my autopilot went to a nice place with all of it’s nice nurses. I convinced the staff the overdose was accidental and I had no suicidal ideations, therefore they released me by 5:00 on Saturday and then had to go to Red Hook to pick up all my belongings from the initial rehab I went to and was kicked out of for having suicidal ideations it was done with the informed me that they had lost my laptop, but I told them it was worth a lot more than it was and they ordered me another one that I have to go pick up next week. Red Hook is very nice kind of reminds me of Portland Maine, not that I really want to go all the way back out there ever again but a better computer is worth it.

I discovered in my pocket the other bag of the two one of which had given me the first overdose and I was hoping the second one would give me a second overdose but this time I was going to be somewhere private where no one could be hitting me with that pesky Narcan. Unfortunately it did not work that way and here I am writing this post into my cell phone.

I’ve had a rather rough night, after all this is where 50 cent was shot having no more comparisons to be drawn between Mr cent and I.

I did email and text message every professional in my Orbit to let them know how things are going so I should expect to be answering many calls tomorrow. It should prevent me from trying to get the resources together to intentionally overdose on Fentanyl, might even lend me a free pair of grippy Hospital socks. When I try to think of redeemable qualities that I possess I draw blank but there must be one I just don’t know what it is yet. I don’t really like typing blog post into my phone especially since it feels like the first time I’ve ever used one given all the typos and times I have to press the delete key., oh yes occasional double vision. I know this post is a real bummer but life be like that sometimes you heard