Donald Trump, Person of The Year?

Ev R0ck
3 min readDec 7, 2023

I was doing my morning coffee scroll through the usual apps (Reddit), and I saw that Taylor Swift was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. I mean, good for her. I don’t know anything about Taylor Swift besides her being pushed into every media angle that exists in the world. Good for Taylor Swift. But that’s not what I’ve come to write about.

The other thing I saw was that the MAGA contingent is pissed because it’s Taylor Swift and not Donald Trump. Which got me thinking: what did Donald Trump do this year that would make it remotely feasible for him to be that magazine’s Person of the Year? Not that I’m paying anywhere close to the attention that I was a few years ago, but I do pay some attention. It seems like all Trump did in 2023 was get indicted. I don’t even know how many times, but more than a handful.

So, I thought about the MAGA movement, which again, I don’t think of nearly as often as I did in, say, 2017 when I was getting into Facebook altercations with some of them from my hometown. I just think: ‘Damn, these people are totally out of touch with reality. This is a full-on cult.’

There isn’t any factual evidence to support the idea that Donald Trump is anything near what these people think he is. A good Christian? Like, what would lead you to believe that? Was it the adultery with a porn star while his wife was pregnant with his son, in his second marriage (the first one ended in a divorce that, I think, can be attributed to adultery)?

What makes these people think he’s anything but a grifting con man? I really wrack my brain with this. I guess I just figure that there must be some logical reasoning for these people. Why would some billionaire who inherited the whole thing from his dad be in touch with the plight of the largely poor working class who supports him? Did they not see where he only made it so the wealthiest people would pay fewer taxes? I’m trying to figure out if there was any part of his presidency that was beneficial to the people who voted for him that don’t have at least seven figures in the bank. Obviously, I don’t remember everything, so I’ll put my email address at the bottom of this post if there is anything he did for those people that slipped my mind. Roger Stone literally pocketed a bunch of the money he got these people to pony up for a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

It’s gotta be the xenophobia that people can relate to, the fear that the white male will lose his position at the top of the societal pecking order. That’s gotta be what keeps these people coming back. I hope we do lose it. Man, we have done some really horrible shit since we’ve been in charge, you know, literally since the dawn of recorded history.

I won’t get into the reckless shit the guy is saying every day now, because I stopped hanging on the clickbait that comes out of his mouth a while ago, but he isn’t even hiding the fact that he’s a fascist anymore. Like, the politeness of pretending to be anything but an egomaniacal dictator wannabe. I know Biden is god-awful, but I don’t even want to think about Trump getting another term in the White House. What the fuck.

Maybe these MAGA people are just stupid. I understand a lot of things, but I really can’t wrap my mind around what would make anyone support the guy, especially the people that went to jail for trying to overthrow the election for him. Like, what makes them think he would let their unwashed, poor ass into Mar-a-Lago for even a minute? Like, what the fuck are you thinking?

Person of the Year? Yeah right. If it were a contest of getting sued, indicted, and rapid cognitive decline, maybe.

Send me some money, maybe i’ll build that foolish fucking wall. no i won’t, but shit, i’ll get a couple coffees and cherry cokes