Exciting Times

Ev R0ck
3 min readApr 15, 2024

It’s 6:11 PM, and I just opened my computer for the first time today, which must be a record for the latest I’ve done that in a very long time. I don’t know, man… I’m a bit of a mess, i don’t think I fell asleep until at least 2 am last night, too much going on in the noggin. I have all of these ideas dragging my thoughts around in numerous directions, some of them might be good, too. I was spending hours ripping songs from YouTube and having this AI thing separating the vocal tracks out of them, so that I could maybe sing over them. I miss regularly singing songs.

it’s a very exciting time, because it used to be that you had to have musical talent and knowledge to be able to make music. I don't even have good equipment, this Chromebook was discounted to 170$ for it’s open box at best buy in January, fruity loops mobile was 15 dollars on the Google play store, my brother got me a 38 dollar MIDI keyboard controller for my birthday. I’m not saying I have any results yet, but trust me I will. I would like to encourage anyone who ever considered making music to go ahead and do it, there’s hardly any barrier stopping you.

I guess this was always true, look at the jug band from way back in the day, or how an underfunded music education program in 70’s NYC schools gave birth to turntables as an instrument and hip hop as the biggest cultural force we’ve seen in the last century. If it’s in you, it’s going to come out no matter what.

this is what I came to say, I think (not that I had any idea). However you do it, it’s valid. Do you remember people questioning the practice of sampling as a valid way to musically express yourself? I do. No one makes that argument anymore. now it’s time for people to tell you that AI isn't a legitimate way to start generating it. I don’t think it would make anything interesting on its own, but why cant it be part of the toolkit?

I want to sample the output I get from Suno.ai, I have not yet figured out precisely how to execute it, but that doesn't stop me from spending hours experimenting with it, just for my own entertainment. Maybe something will come out of it eventually, who cares? It feels more productive than some of the other activities I've poured countless hours into (I’m looking at you, tinder).

anyway, i want to thank my audience for keeping my phone on via https://ko-fi.com/evr0ck17 contributions , and the taxpayers of state of new York for the lovely steak and asparagus I cooked up today, and I think i’m going to go lose myself in editing wave-forms together in a grid or something, maybe sing a song.

I might just watch fallout on a pirate stream site, Lord knows I've spent thousands of hours in that universe, I hear the show does some justice to it.