I Heart Propofol

This should be a strong indicator of how fucked up I am: I love Propofol. Yes I’m talking about general anesthesia, like for surgery. It’s so cool, like time travel.


You wake up in the future. It’s like the suspended animation in the movie “Alien". Absolutely incredible!

I know it’s most famous for killing Michael Jackson, but hear me out: total nothingness. What could be better?

A vacation from consciousness, death without the long term commitment, a miracle of modern medicine. Fuckit, pull my teeth, rearrange my skin, switch out my Internal organs…I don’t care. I won’t even know! Best drug ever!

My affinity for general anesthesia should illuminate what I look for in drugs: complete oblivion. I low key like surgery because I get to have Propofol.

How sick is that?!

Seroquel, ketamine, and oxycodone have got nothing on Propofol! It’s too bad you have to be the king of pop or an anesthesiologist to get it, but I think that makes it even more magical!

I❤️ Propofol



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