I was dumping paragraphs on Facebook, I think I’ll put them here now

Thoughts on Facebook from the other day RE: fuck ayn rand and the CATO institute

Personally, I find capitalism is injurious to the human condition. I find that the mental and physical health of the people inside of it are only made a priority when regulation forces it to be a priority. If it was completely unfettered it would absolutely have no problem destroying anyone or anything it needs for profit. I reject this idea that the free market will keep it check, I think that’s the propaganda of the small percentage of people who stand to benefit from any regulation curbing their profitability.

Why do you think manufacturing work was moved to a place where there are less regulation on who can work and what you can legally pay someone? Why do you think the message is “China took our jobs”? Because it negates the culpability of those responsible. China didn’t do anything to your job, your employer found a cheaper population to exploit. The xenophobia is a distraction from the facts.

“Undocumented immigrants are taking our jobs” no, you have it mixed up. Your employer is hiring undocumented immigrants because as non citizens, they have less rights and regulations on their work activities, thus their exploitation costs less. Maybe instead of condemning people who are just trying improve their station in life, ask those who hire and exploit undocumented immigrants why they hire them over you. They might not tell you but I will: it’s a number..it’s a number of dollars.

Sometimes I think stuff.

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