Use keyboard, for best results, Best rhythm

i almost don't even wanna write. not until I can figure out how to get behind a keyboard. I have so much more control than when I’m dictating or typing it on a screen. with my computer stolen, I think I will make more time to go to the library and write the things that I’ve been thinking, regularly. I have thought about getting a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone. I can’t afford a replacement computer, but I can probably get it together to get a keyboard.

for me, writing is not just about the content… but the structure and craft, the act, process and rhythm. there’s just something about the sound of tapping keys for me, that just feels correct. it feels productive, creative, and more tangible.

when I read my blog to check my work, I can tell that the best came from keyboard tapping times. when I’m putting myself out there, like I do, I want to look my best. it’s a weird ego thing, like so many things that I have. I hope my readers don’t mind it when I’m not my keyboard best. but that’s the idea, I will get myself back on the keys, and do better work. A lot of times writers don’t write about the actual act of writing; There’s an action that generates a feeling that generate ideas that generates what you read. It’s nice to have a nice pan for instance, when you’re hitting the pen and paper. I prefer a keyboard, I have poor small motor skills and bad handwriting. I would read Hunter S. Thompson talk about the rhythm of his typewriter, how he would retype “The Great Gatsby” just for the rhythm, I absolutely feel that, it completely makes sense to me. writing is intoxicating, just in the craft of it . Why do you think I keep doing it?


you can help, with coffee and keyboards. If you want to you can!



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