Let it Be: crying on a crowded bus.

i worked at a gamestop for a few years as the assistant manager (2015–2018). being that I don’t like to drive, and there were some impediments to my license, I took various ways to get to work. I took Uber often, but it ended up getting expensive, so one day I found myself on the bus from asbury park, to my store in Ocean Township,New Jersey.

as always, public transit time is headphones, Spotify time. I must’ve had it on some kind of shuffle, or radio play but a track came on that I hed never heard. yes I was familiar with the Beatles classic, it’s one of the best songs ever written, but I had never heard the Aretha Franklin cover, until that moment on the bus.

I was moved by the visceral emotions, to rather heavy tears. There on a full Central, New Jersey bus (The 832 if I remember correctly). it was so powerful, I couldn’t even hide it, there in public. Music has done this to me to me before, but usually when I’m alone. People must’ve thought I got a sad text that someone died or something, I was crying on the bus for a few whole minutes. i couldnt concern myself with what the other bus passengers were thinking of it, I was swept up in something powerful.

it wasn’t because I was sad, it wasn’t because I was happy. Music accesses emotions that we can’t describe verbally. It was just so beautiful, I was just moved by how amazing it sounded and I still am, luckily I’m able to keep the tears inside upon the countless repeat plays.

maybe it moves move you, too.




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