Mid-Week, Neon City, 20XX

Tuesday 8:30 AM

Ev R0ck
3 min readMay 22, 2024

I've got no energy today, coffee and red bull be damned…ain't working. damn I can’t even give myself a day to be this way, because I want to be doing shit. not happening, no shit will be done.

and then I opened my regular (not buisness) E-mail, and found this:

I didn’t have the energy for the whole thing, but I scanned it and thought “oh, somebody accepts me”, and then I didn’t look into it for 10 hours, because I've been so sluggish. I think about these medications, and whether they’re causing it

It’s a scam: they are trying to get me to subscribe to something, whereas I thought a job was something that the employer paid the employee, not the other way around.

so It’s kind of a bummer… I guess. I don’t really want anyone to tell me what to write anyway, at least I don’t think I do. I did like writing the papers I was assigned in college, though so I could be wrong.

Too bad I have no energy.

That was yesterday, now it’s Wed. 9:48 am

I think I’m better on like 4–6 hours of sleep than I am on 8–12. I think this is because I woke up today just ready to make stuff after sleeping from like 2–7 am, and I made 2 musical tracks with 2 short videos. I came up with this idea that all of 3v20xx (my musical alter ego’s) world, are all in the same city… “Neon City”.

So, at night there are kids jet-skiing in the harbor, in Neon City:

This other reel, for my take on lo-fi (ish) music shows some of the scenes reminiscent of the first Neon City video I made last week:

yes, there are floating cars in Neon City. it is the year 20xx, after all.

I love making this stuff, it starts out as all of these little problems, that I have to solve one by one until it’s a functional little short video. I’ve gotten a lot less clunky with making these, too, so I can fly through it a lot quicker. If I ever get a budget to pay for these tools, without their free trial limits, it’s a wrap.

What happens next in Neon City, though? you’ll have to wait and see.

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