We can’t let the baddies take congress back

From 2016 to 2021 I was very engaged in politics, almost too engaged I think. Reddit Politics, CNN, MSNBC, and arguments with Trumpers on Facebook. I’m a lot less engaged now, but I wanted to get at the midterm elections that are happening on Tuesday. Speaking of Facebook, my memories unearthed my 2008 election stuff, back when Mitt Romney was oh so bad. How quaint does that seem now?

In the hyper divisive political shitfuck of 2022 Mitt Romney is a centrist , and the GOP is a full on right wing, “christian” nationalist , gun toting, proud boy , culture war raging, neofascist, cult of autocratic trump worship. I’m not going to even get into Qanon which as dangerous as it is hilarious.

They want to move any and all goalposts that don’t serve them, and delegitimize any democratic election that they don’t win. They straight stole the supreme court appointments from Obama under some bullshit pretense that they didn’t hold their man to, and came for Roe V. Wade, like they had wanted to since it happened. Trump lost the 2020 election and bunch of yokels even murdered law enforcement officers while throwing an armed temper tantrum on

capitol hill! Watch what they come for next if they retake congress: it’ll be same sex marriage and trans rights. It’ll be safety nets like SNAP, Medicaid and social security. Wanna know why? Because, fuck you… that’s why.

It’s only been 15 years since I was trying to keep people from voting for Romney over Obama, and it’s remarkable how the discourse has devolved from a simple difference of opinion, to a battle for the very existence of our democratic republic. It’s almost like they do everything that they accuse antifa of doing. Listen, antifa is a Fox news scare talking point, but if they were real i’d be rolling deep with them.

Don’t get it twisted: you can’t ban abortions, you can only ban safe abortions for the poor, the republican senator’s side pieces will always have access to abortion.

I know the GOP would like to keep America white, cisgendered, heterosexual and Christian…but here’s the rub, man, it’s too late, that ship has sailed. Did any of the Christian right listen to anything that Jesus ever said about loving the poor and marginalized? I don’t think they did, because somehow they think Trump is a good Christian, fucking racist, pedo shitlord that he is. Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting a divorce due to fucking her personal trainer, all while claiming to be a big Christian nationalist. She opposes student debt relief while pocketing 6 figure forgiven PPP loans. C’mon, man. Why do any of these poor trump voters think he would allow them in the lobby of his tower, or the fairways of his golf courses?

What is the motivation for being a card carrying republican? It’s gotta be the fear that Mexicans, Blacks, gays, transgendered, non WASPS and Jews are going to replace them. What else could it be? It isn’t like these poor lost red hatters are the 1% of where all the wealth is, it isn’t like they don’t benefit from socialism somewhere. They aren’t getting replaced fast enough, if you ask me. I hope all of this violent, fear mongering GOP hubbub is the final drowning flail of a bygone culture that doesn’t serve 99.9 percent of Americans.

Listen, I know the lesser of two evils is still evil, but you have to make a choice between the two when you vote, unless you want to file your ballot into the dumpster. I am not a democrat, because they bring peaches to a gun fight, and it seems like they don’t want to win or make any real meaningful change.

“when they go low, we go high”… yeah, ok, Hillary, fuck that by the way, and fuck you very much. We could’ve had Bernie Sanders beat Trump in 2016, but the establishment DNC kneecapped my boy before he could rock.

I suspect that I’m more radical than anyone could ever be and get elected, but I’m still hoping that the democratic party I was raised on would grow a set of balls and fight fair.

Vote blue on Tuesday , man. They may be pussies but they’re better than oligarch nazis.



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