My (Lucky) Shoes

I was homeless and I had walked holes clear through my vans. I found some very unique Adidas on the sidewalk in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. They were almost new and in my size (8) no one wears size 8 shoes, so I put them on and laced them up, and got to stepping. All of a sudden people were stopping my raggedy ass to compliment my kicks. Major score.

I've watched a lot of Dinosaur Jr live videos on YouTube where you can see my spirit animal and guitar hero J Mascis hit all of those big muff fuzz pedals. He always has Adidas on. Now, I have not seen these exact shoes on him, but I think he WOULD rock these weird-looking Adidas, and that to me is a good sign. For a few months, everything I was wearing was found somewhere in New York on the sidewalk. It was actually all I had when I arrived at New York Presbyterian Hospital on August 15th. I've lost like five full wardrobes being a fuck up When I came back to the city, two more people in front of the Bodega stopped me to compliment my shoes.

These are my lucky shoes, you don't just find Mascis-ish size eight Adidas in the ghetto. The odds against that are overwhelming. You can go watch dinosaur videos and see what I'm talking about.

Spread love is the Brooklyn way



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