New (Free) Laptop Day

Ev R0ck
2 min readMar 15, 2023

For everything New York City has done to me, it’s done something for me.

Today is a very good day. Last winter i enrolled in and completed a New York Urban League job readiness training over the course of 5 weeks. last week I was contacted by the teacher, to ask when i could pick up my free laptop… yes a free laptop. So today I went to midtown to pick it up, and i’m typing this on it right now.

it’s not some cheap Chromebook either, it’s a really fancy aluminum Dell 13 inch touch screen joint with 16GB ddr3 ram, and a 450 GB solid state hard drive. if you don't’ know what all of that means, its ok, I'm just saying that it’s a very capable machine.

This is a tool that will take everything I do to the next level: writing on a keyboard whenever I want (you may remember how much i love a mechanical keyboard) , music production, job searching, entertainment (see: video games). I am very excited that all of my capabilities have been greatly expanded.

I was thinking about six or so months ago, when I had nothing but the clothes on my back… Look at me now with a really nice wardrobe with many shoes and hats, a great phone (and a shitty phone) and an amazing computer. By the end of the year I should have a job, and a place to live and keep all of this stuff.

I don’t know that all of those resources are available anywhere else, but New York city. this is the 2nd time I’ve started over from zero here, and as long as i keep doing the right thing I should be able to put some kind of decent life together.

I am very grateful.