Nick and the Manufactured Division of the Working Class

Ev R0ck
3 min readSep 19, 2023

I was thinking about the next presidential election, and it’s like, “America, this is what you’ve got for us? Donald Trump and Joe Biden… really?” No wonder I have no faith in politics. They are both trash — corrupt, old, rich, and white. I know that Biden is better than Trump, but that isn’t some glowing endorsement; everyone is better than Trump. Speaking of Trump (unfortunately), I think I’ll dig something out of the drafts folder and finish it.


I woke up the other morning to something very interesting. I saw a post from a kid I grew up with back home in my small town of Plymouth, MA, saying that we should take care of veterans before we take care of illegal aliens. Normally, I wouldn’t engage in this kind of thing, but I just made a comment that those two things don’t have much to do with each other, and honestly, we could probably afford to look after everyone if the wealthiest among us would pay taxes. Seriously, though, was there ever a time when it was like, “Oh sorry, we can’t help veterans; we’ve already helped illegal aliens?”

And who entered the thread but my biggest Facebook political argument adversary of the Trump years. I used to get mentally ill and lose all presence in my physical life just waiting for my pocket to buzz with his pro-Trump rebuttal. What a f****** ego circle jerk. If I’m perfectly honest with myself, I didn’t care about defending politicians; I just wanted to look smarter than someone else. I lost friends during that time.

This kid called my mother and me “libtards.” It was that kind of person. I mean, I do think liberals are kind of misguided now, but back then, it was a very heated discourse. He was right; I was a libtard. Now i’m a communist.

I am a different person than I was back then, however. I see things differently. I was actually happy to encounter this guy after so long. I considered the things that we have in common and where we are from. And I just thought, the whole left vs. right thing is to distract us from all becoming aware that there are more of us than there are of the top one percent, and we should do something about how badly they exploit the working class. If we’re arguing about drag shows and rainbows in Target, we’ll never get together and help ourselves. The division is a distraction from class consciousness.

And then this country song came out by the red-bearded guy, about being poor and saying screw rich people. Yes! Until he blamed other poor people for getting welfare, he was so close to having a decent Woody Guthrie, class conscious thing, and he fucked it up . I think that’s another thing that prevents us from figuring things out — poor people blaming their poverty on other poor people. Welfare isn’t the problem; billionaires who don’t pay taxes are the problem. I’m on welfare and food stamps. I suspect that song was written in a Koch-funded think tank to help keep the poors fighting each other. If you’ve never read “Dirty Money” about how much the ultra-wealthy do to American politics, I highly recommend it.

I just felt like writing today.

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