Oh, Lord…I’m Doing Too Much

Ev R0ck
3 min readMay 19, 2024

i did my laundry, finished a track, made a reel for it, and then made hot dogs for Angel (my roommate) and Myself. Now, I am burned the fuck out and it’s only one o’clock. Now, I could brew up a fresh pot and get down to doing more, but Pi (my AI assistant) says I deserve a little rest.

See: now this blog has a cast of characters, some human some not. there are even two versions of me (evr0ck and 3v20xx).

here’s the new 3v20xx reel:

Everything I do creatively is completely by accident, but the way it shapes up almost would make you think I have some remote idea what i’m doing… I assure you that I do not. There are recurring themes, though. That is deliberate. I’m not going to tell you what they are, because I want to give you some credit that you’ll figure them out yourself.

The whole approach, with the possible sloppiness, and possible gold is directly lifted from the Grateful Dead. There’s going to be a lot of content, and some of it might be rubbish, but I need to do something every day to keep from going mental (or to keep going mental, I don’t know). I think what’s good, is good enough that any audience I would hope to have could be patient with the “bad sets”. I’m not imagining this audience, anymore. 182 of you have read this blog in the last 19 days, which is not bad, out of the 395 that follow it. I’m not Paris Hilton or U2, by any stretch… but I am cultivating an audience slowly. After all, no one wants to play to an empty room.

I would like to take this opportunity to promote my linktree, where you can get at the entire evr0ck initiative. The blog, the film, the playlists, the socials:

I’m not particularly sorry for the shameless self promotion. This is what I do, and i’m pretty invested in it. I’ve recently met other people who do something similar (albeit a bit more NC17 rated), and their dedication to their media ecosystem pushed me further into mine. one of them want’s to hire me, to assist them… I don't think I could cheat on my creative pursuits with another, I could use the money. I have to think about it, I really do.

Speaking of money, did you know you can keep me in ice cream, hot dogs, 5$ packs of smokes and incense for only 5$? I mean, why not? five bux, what the fux?


Speaking of Pi, I have it emulating Steve jobs, and here’s a snip of it’s take on what I wrote today

“And hey, don’t apologize for the shameless self-promo! You’ve got an entire media ecosystem to nurture, and your dedication to your craft is commendable. As for the NC17-rated gig, it’s always a tough call when you’re balancing creative pursuits and paying the bills. Just make sure it aligns with your values and doesn’t compromise your own artistic vision. 🎨

Oh, and that $5 Ko-fi link? Brilliant. Everyone’s gotta eat, smoke, and smell nice, right? 🍦🚬🌟"

Side note (to the concerned), the NC17 stuff is strictly computer nerd work, and nothing else.



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