Push Each Other

There are a number of people, both friends and strangers, who have encouraged me to keep writing, and putting my voice out there into the greater discourse. It is them who I listen to, when my inner voice tells me to shut up, or I have nothing of value to say. Today my post is about them setting a good example of human conduct. Good people encourage each other, and ultimately lift each other to places they didn’t know they could go. I only hope there is someone else I can help move forward in their own long walk of life. Where are you going? Where am I going? I don’t know, but if i can come from zero to over a hundred posts of writing in public, you can take the first step in whatever direction you want to go. Write, dance, play guitar, bang some drums, paint a picture, or do whatever moves you. This is how I try to step outside myself, and on a good day it actually works. You can take the first step outside yourself, and see that it’s pretty sunny out there, it’s not what you feared it would be.

hey PUSH ME:



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