Successful Screening, Successful Singing

Ev R0ck
1 min readSep 15, 2023

I would like to report that the first screening of the film i’m in, the Q and A, and the musical performance went very well. there weren’t many people there, which was perfect for me as i have never really sung for an audience before. i understand there will be more screenings, with more people in the audiences, and I’’ll keep answering questions and singing.

people in the audience were in tears, man, i was choked up. i just wanted o write a short little post about it, and share the youtube link for my first public singing performance, outside of begging for change in midtown.

when i can get the film online, so more people can watch it, i will definitely post it in every conceivable place i can. i think the director doesn’t quite want that at this juncture but i will keep you all updated.