The England Trip

In the summer between 8th and 9th grade my grandparents took my brother and I on a trip to England. My grandfather was a widely renowned professor and author, so my opie was an amazing tour guide to travel with.

My grandparents were getting up there in age, and they knew that it was their last big trip so they spared no expense. My brother and I shared our own hotel rooms in fancy hotel rooms like selfredges on the very posh oxford street in London.

We went to the tower of London, Stonehenge, castles in the country side and the Roman baths in Avon. Opie knew everything about everywhere we went.

I fell In love with the city of Bristol. There was amazing street art, cool skateboarding British kids, and a real life soccer hooligan. Bristol is the home of Trip hop (massive attack, portishead), I knew about some of that music at the time and thought it was cool to be there.

At that time I was a newly budding pot head. I had a started with weed smoking in 8th grade and was in love with it.

I knew the skate kids in the square outside The Swallow (our hotel) could get some pot. I was nervous about approaching strange people so I bought my first pack of Marlboros even though I didn’t smoke, I just felt more comfortable behind a cigarette. I’ve been a smoker for 22 years, now.

The kids in the square were happy to meet a real American, they loved American culture and talked about Eminem and Rodney mullen. I was wearing all skate gear (even though I can’t even kickflip)so I fit right in.

The Brits had great weed that they called skunk and 10 pounds got me a couple spliffs that I smokes with them by a statue of the Queen.

An older kid approached the circle and said he had “trips” for sale .


Acid was this mythical thing my friends always talked about, with urban legends surrounding it. How could I refuse the opportunity to try it?

14 pounds bought me 2 hits from the Albert Hofmann bicycle day sheet. At 7:30 after my grandparents fell asleep I took both hits.

I hit the streets with my disc man and 3 CDs. I brought a Jimi Hendrix greatest hits disc . I was newly infatuated with Hendrix and it was perfect for the divine experience I had gotten into. I had also bought Fatboy slim’s “you’ve come a long way baby" and Moby’s “play" at herrods in London for 9 quid each". The Hendrix experience really clicked when everything turned purple and the streets started breathing.

I remember feeling a deep immediacy when I heard Fatboy slim’s “right here right now", as I was present in my moments of personal psychedelic discovery. I had no preconceived notions or ideas what LSD would be like and that’s the best way to go into a trip. No fear or anxiet

It was this undescribable beautiful and life changing night. The street lights were emitting a spectrum of colors that I could taste and hear.

I lost the ability to understand money and figured everything should be free. The portraits of the Queen on the bills in my wallet were 3d like a pop up book.

When it was time to land I play ed Moby’s “porcelain" on repeat.

I have no regrets. I recommend LSD if it can be done in a safe set and setting . You aren’t going to think you can fly and jump from the fuckin Chrysler building, believe me. I grew up on acid because of the hometown acid wave that greeted me when I got home to freshman year.

My friend Dave and I would split a 10 strip every Friday. His first time he said “Evan, call me an ambulance I’m never going to be the same again.”. We were on the beach and I didn’t think we needed ambulance.

Psychedelics are a window into the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that we normally can’t perceive, and the spiritual meaning of existence.

It’s love. We are all comprised of love and connected to each other in a field of boundless energy.

I wouldn’t take any more trips now but I’m sure glad I did. Be careful though….

Hey now! There are vending machines!



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