The Mondays

Ev R0ck
2 min readApr 8, 2024

My brain is not sharp this morning, very dull. You know what it is? I charge my phone overnight in bed, and get hooked at watching reels on instagram, which is basically Meta trying to get in on TikTok’s action. The algorithm is so smart, it just shows me these little one minute video clips, and then I scroll to the next one. It knows what fascinates me, and I stay awake too late. I know I should really let my phone charge on the other side of the room, I won’t do that, but I know I should.

Even when I’m awake past 1 am, I still wake up by 7 so I’m well under the 8 hours I like to get for optimum brain function.

I can’t believe that i’m the same person who would be out partying until after sunrise, go home and sleep for 3 hours and then go work 8 hours with a brutal hangover at Best Buy. Now I feel it when I don’t get a comfy 8–12 hours.

I think this short video clip format is bad for me beyond losing sleep too, I don’t have the attention span to watch something like a full length film anymore, or even an hour long TV show. Everyone is always talking to me about what I should watch, and I just know I can't sit through it anymore. I suspect it’s prevalence has shortened society’s attention span at large, as well.

I would normally have written all of this in about five minutes, but today it took over an hour because of the other screen, the other tabs and all of the other things that divert my focus.

Plus, maybe it’s just my mood today but i’m starting to think my writing is getting boring, i’m just like “oh, had a good day grocery shopping and doing laundry”. It’s good for my life, though. I’m not writing about getting stabbed and living on the street because I’m not getting stabbed or living on the street which is great. Someone who read my blog said that she felt bad I had to go through everything I went through to have interesting stories, and now i’m pretty stable, so I can live with being a bit boring. I’m sure I’ll remember something crazy at some point, I really should look into working on that book about my street life times, but I have a mental block with that. Maybe tomorrow.

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