The Wind At My Back

If you know me, or if you’ve been reading what I write here, you know I’ve made it through a lot. survival. I don’t think that there’s anything about me, or the way I’m built, or the things I did that put me here, alive in front of this blank page. There is some wind at my back, some force, the placement of guardians in my path that got me here.

I would always be the one to scoff at anything religious or spiritual, I’m too cynical to accept that. At this point it’s impossible for me to deny it. There is no plausible reason for me to be in one piece, able to form coherent language and function.

The challenge for me is to understand that this force won’t just stop, as I face the challenges in front of me. Why would it? That is the journey to faith, to not just know that I’ve been carried, but to know that I am, and will be. I’m trying to build this understanding, a little at a time.

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I can't post here anymore, go here

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Ev R0ck

Ev R0ck

I can't post here anymore, go here

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